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What it takes to become a web designer

When I tell people what I do, a lot of them are surprised. I’m a mum to two little girls and I absolutely love spending time outside. I don’t fit the profile of the stereotypical web designer, but that’s what gives me the edge. When I decided to become a web designer full time, it just felt right. It gives me the right work/life balance and I get to meet fascinating people from all walks of life, while playing to my skills.

I’m a project person, through and through, and that really helps when you work in my line of work. I focus intensely and completely on the work in hand – when I’m on a project I don’t stop to eat or drink and emerge from my studio in a daze at the end of the day. I don’t snap easily from task to task, but find flow when blocking time to focus completely on one job for a full session or day.

An interest in coding
My love for web design started in my teens (and I don’t want to work out how long ago that was)! I used Adobe Dreamweaver to experiment with creating websites and when one of my aunties bought me my first book on coding at fourteen I was away. I loved the fact you could split the screen with dreamweaver, using a primitive drag and drop style builder while seeing the coding going on behind the scenes.

A passion for analysing good design
My passion is deconstructing work that catches my eye to discover how each component has been put together and where the success of the piece comes from, and I’m constantly learning. You learn the secrets of good design absolutely everywhere – advertising, magazines, interior design, textile design, fine art, architecture, video design, sculpture – even garden design. I have an analytic eye that means I’m totally inspired daily by what I see around me and my tastes constantly evolve.

A brilliant starting point
My amazing parents have run a small business since before I was born. That not only allowed me to see first hand the grit and perseverance that forms the basis of entrepreneurial spirit, but also gave me the perfect guinea pigs to practise on! I would design logos, fliers and forms for them and they would critique each one and choose their favourite (and my Irish parents don’t candy coat their judgement!) This led to designing their first website, and the work I do for them today on their databases. Not many teenagers have the opportunity to actually design work that is used by a small business, so it was a privileged position and an absolutely brilliant way to learn. My parents are very paper based so looking at ways to streamline their admin and take it online has been a huge foundation for how I run my business today.

An eye for detail
I look at everything I build through my most critical eye. As a designer, I notice when things aren’t aligned, evenly spaced or unbalanced and I wouldn’t want someone like me being put off from working with a client because there isn’t enough eye for detail in the website design. You need to be meticulous and finicky, and there is a huge amount of re-doing and improving work you’ve already done.

A good ear
I have amazing clients across the world and absolutely love learning about their businesses and helping them build an online presence. It’s so important to really understand each client so you can best represent them and it’s a responsibility I take really seriously. I also need to understand their tastes and talk through examples of design they love so I can help them create a look that feels like it represents them.

I absolutely love my work. I take brands and simplify them, creating a beautiful and modern website that speaks to prospective clients. I would love to help you with your web design. Book a call, send me an email or fill out the form to get started!

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