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The confidence of simplicity

You have a great product or service to offer – it’s now a case of getting it out there onto market. You read the marketing books, the blog posts and newsletters, and they’re all conflicting. You look at other websites for inspiration and that just feels overwhelming.

I’m here to tell you that there is so much value in keeping things simple. You may see others from your industry with ten page websites but that doesn’t mean you need to do the same.

There’s a confidence in laying out your stall succinctly. In condensing down your copy, editing down the number of photographs you have on your site and trimming down the number of webpages.

Sometimes your competitors aren’t quite as successful as you think they might be – if they have the time to spend on fifty page websites and ten thousand words of copy on each page, that’s a hint that they don’t have the workload from clients that would otherwise keep them busy.

You don’t need to hide behind shady tricks that are designed to delay your prospective client on your site, like those endless sales pages we’ve all seen that aim to keep us scrolling mindlessly down – you know your work speaks for itself. Here are my top tips for a simple and confident online presence:

Limit the number of pages
Are there elements you can combine onto one page? Do you really need a full Contact Me page, or could you add the contact form to the base of each page and use CSS ID to anchor the website user to the right place on the page when they click the CONTACT option on your header menu? If you’re scrambling around looking for photos and copy to pad out an otherwise empty page, why not consider leaving it out?

Chop your copy in half
Have you said the same thing in ten different ways? If I asked you to reduce your wordcount by half, what could you take out so that your message and values become clear? Some prospective clients will want to deep dive into long form copy to learn more about your values and experience, which is where your blog comes in.

Present your message in different ways
Use videos, photos and infographics to represent your brand and message without delving into long form copy. It’s a great way to condense down copy while appealing to clients who are more visual.

Showcase your work
Your work will say more than words ever can. If you’re in a creative field, share your portfolio with pride. If you’re a consultant or coach, share testimonials (preferably in video form) and the names of the companies you’ve worked for. It’s no good having reams of writing about how good you are at your job without the proof to back it all up.

Consider the background and branding
You can say a huge amount through colour, photo and video. I worked for an amazing boxing gym recently and the founder is an ex-professional fighter. He had the most brilliant promotional video put together which really put across the vibe his prospective clients would experience when they joined him at his gym. It sets the scene and gets you inspired and ready to work out, while promoting his gym values AND sharing that he works with clients of all ages and fitness levels through the people appearing in the video with him. All that in a short video which we used as the background above the fold – we didn’t even have to come up with any clever copy!

Have confidence!
It takes a huge amount of confidence not to hide behind reams of writing and busy websites, but it is absolutely the very best way to showcase your brand. Make every word count. Let’s designed your modern, uncluttered website together. Book a call, send me an email or fill out the form to get started!

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