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Meet the Team!

A Meet the Team page or section is an area where staff are introduced to clients, often containing photos and details about personnel and they can be a huge positive – it is a simple way to provide richer content for clients to keep them from clicking away from your site, it adds depth and interest to your brand, and it makes your business feel more memorable. People love a personal touch, and a recognisable face really brings that personality.

“A Meet the Team page or section will add colour to your brand and keep clients browsing through your site for longer.”

That said, Meet the Team pages run the risk of feeling cluttered, indulgent and overly complicated if they haven’t been done well – and like a lot of parts of a website they need to be regularly maintained in line with any staffing changes in order to feel relevant.

Let’s take a look through some ways to introduce your team in a streamlined way and develop those relationships with clients.

Use Well Taken and Co-ordinated Photos
Go for top quality photos, ideally taken during the same session and during work hours. We want to emphasise the “team” element of this section, so a grainy photo of one staff member on holiday three decades ago in Lanzarote won’t sit well alongside another highly filtered selfie taken by a different team member. Aim if possible to have photos taken (maybe even by a professional photographer) at your place of work and photograph your team in any relevant uniforms and in a relevant setting having the pictures edited all at once so they have a similar feel. Add any further staff member profiles in the same style so that the team feels coherent and you can’t spot any newcomers.

Keep the Layout Simple
This section of your site doesn’t need to be huge – it is there to add character and colour and should be quick and interesting to glance through. Use the same layout for each team member – perhaps with a photo, name and short amount of information. Don’t pack in too much detail and try to keep the copy at a similar length for each member of staff so that the section feels balanced and staff members come across as valued equally.

“Keep the layout simple and try to keep the copy at a similar length for each member of staff so that the section feels balanced and staff members come across as valued equally.”

Structure Your Content
Ask staff members to provide a brief bio, or ask them up to three relevant questions that they can give concise answers to. You’re aiming to show your team off, so make sure you use only questions that they can answer in a positive and flattering way – and questions that give them the opportunity to convey their passion for your industry. The easier the section is to read, the more relevant it will feel to clients.

Consider Links
If staff members have relevant links, don’t be afraid to post them in their section of “Meet the Team”. Perhaps a staff member has a portfolio of work, on-brand social media posts, a blog or links to press pages about their work or interests – that extra information will add depth and colour to your firm without needing to update the section too regularly. Ideally, you will give staff opportunities to add to your brand’s social media or blog posting. Ensure that any links don’t conflict with your brand’s ethos, and also make sure they don’t conflict with your financial interests before posting – it might be worth having a contractual agreement in place to prevent any conflict of interest if you are posting to content outside of your business’s control.

Keep it Relevant
Don’t forget to delete links and details about previous employees as they leave to make sure that your “Meet the Team” pages stay up to date and relevant. Ensure systems are in place for both on-boarding and deleting staff as they join and leave the company.

An up to date, interesting to read Meet the Team page is a brilliant addition to any small business website. It adds colour and interest to your brand and keeps clients on-site. Ensure that everything is well designed, eye catching and brief, giving clients the opportunity to read further via your blogs, portfolio pages and social media posts.

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