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5 signs you’re ready to upgrade your website

You’re hardworking and industrious, so when you started your business, creating your own website seemed like the logical choice. Inexpensive software like Wix made it easy to put a website together. When you start out, everything feels exciting and creating a website feels like a way to pull together the elements of your new brand.

A few years in and you don’t feel quite as proud of your website in its first iteration. It doesn’t look great compared with competitors, and now you’re busy working with clients, updating it feels like yet another task to add to an endless list.

If the below rings a bell for you, send me a message – you’re ready for a website upgrade.

1. You’re resisting marketing

If driving traffic to your website via marketing makes you uncomfortable, it might be because your site doesn’t  represent you like it used to. Maybe that’s in terms of looks, branding or messaging, or maybe it feels buggy or slow to load. This is a big issue because driving traffic to your site is key to growth – without a website you feel proud of, your business is set to stall.

2. Your website doesn’t convert

If people visit your site, but the visits don’t lead to sales, it could be that your website isn’t optimised for conversions. This could be due to page load speed, messaging, images, branding, your choice of call to action, missing functionality or buggy software. A good website designer will focus on making your website easy to navigate, visually appealing and intuitive, optimising page loading speed and developing a great user experience with an emphasis on conversion.

3. Inconsistent updates

This is so common, and it leads to an inconsistent feel throughout the site, which makes the website look unprofessional. When you update the website in bits and pieces you lose a feel for the site as a whole and end up with inconsistencies in typography, spacing, use of images and tone of voice. With an overview of your business, a designer will create a coherent, balanced site giving you a competitive edge.

4. Buggy on mobiles

Mobile users have different needs and behaviours compared to desktop users, and they expect a seamless and enjoyable experience when accessing your site on their smartphones or tablets. Mobile-friendly websites are designed to fit smaller screens, load quickly, and have intuitive navigation. If your website is buggy or only partially showing on mobile, you risk losing sales. By neglecting mobile optimisation, you fall behind competitors. Stay ahead of the curve by ensuring your website is accessible and user-friendly across devices.

5. Too much responsibility

If you’re struggling to update your site, it’s time to outsource. Protecting your website is crucial. Your website designer will ensure that your website has a valid SSL certificate to encrypt data transmission and regularly update your website’s software, plugins and themes to patch any security vulnerabilities. She will also conduct regular backups of your website to mitigate potential data loss…while you focus on growing your business.

When you factor in the time it takes, making your own website is always the less cost effective option. Send me a message at hello@the-highboard.com and let’s upgrade your website.

I would love to support you.

You are a hard working, well-qualified and experienced professional. You have expertise and confidence in your skills and you are well-respected in your field. You have loyal clients and have worked hard to develop strong relationships with them.

Now, you’re at a crossroads. You want to increase visibility and drive traffic to your site, targeting your ideal clients and boosting your revenue, but you feel self-conscious about the current iteration of your website and that’s stalling your marketing efforts. In the past, you put pressure on yourself to do it all on your own and you worked hard to create the website you have now, but you know in your heart you need a more sales focussed and professional website to attract the clients you want to work with. 

You want to work with an experienced and supportive website design expert who can guide you to a more polished and professional site that works harder behind the scenes.

You’re not about busy, chaotic websites and endless sales scripts – you are strong enough and confident enough in your expertise to say all you need via meaningful copy, on-brand imagery and glowing testimonials.

In a world determined to keep us online, you speak volumes by representing your brand with confidence, clarity and style. By letting your hard work speak for itself without sneaky sales gimmicks. By respecting your clients’ time (and your own) and allowing them to access the information they need in a way that feels both intuitive and joyful.

It's time to upgrade.